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ABB Engineering

ABB Robotics and Axelent Engineering work together for the best possible automation soloutions

ABB Robotics is one of Axelent Engineering's far-reaching partners and suppliers when it comes to industrial robots. We have met Nicklas Hallan, Partner Manager and Peter Wik, Sales Manager, from ABB Robotics together with Jesper Bundgaard and Karl Liljedahl from Axelent Engineering to look back at what we have done together but also look forward to what trends, visions and challenge we see in the future.

BM Svets

A long-running collaboration with BM Svets

BM Svets is a family-owned company in Gothenburg that sells bolt welding and resistance welding products through technical know-how. BM Svets has cooperated with Axelent and Axelent Engineering for 17 years and has during this time delivered Harms & Wende-welds in all production lines. The welding refers to resistance welding of wire to square profiles, the short side of the profile versus the long side and crosshairs. The technology used is both AC and MFDC.

KMP 1500

KUKA KMP 1500 for the future of automated industry

KUKA KMP 1500 is our response to the manufacturing industry's increasing demand for shorter reaction times and greater flexibility in the manufacturing concept. In the factories of the future, predefined paths and rigid processes are a thing of the past. T

AGV KMP 1500

Driverless truck delivers materials to robots and machines with perfect timing

In cooperation with KUKA, Axelent Engineering offers a so-called KMP 1500 (KUKA Mobile Platform). This is a driverless transport vehicle that moves autonomously and flexibly with a free movement pattern. In combination with the latest KUKA Sunrise controller, it represents a modular, versatile and above all mobile manufacturing concept for the industry of the future.

Redo för nytt år

Axelent Engineering is redy for 2023

After Christmas and New Year's holidays, we are now ready for a new and busy year. You are welcome to contact us regarding inquiries about machines, automation, manufacturing or service. Here we go!

Din trygga partner

We are your reliable partner throughout your project

Axelent Engineering is your full-service supplier from design and manufacturing to installation and follow-up. Do you have an overall project you want help with or want to discuss plans or ideas concerning automation, machines, manufacturing or service agreements? Do not hesitate to contact us at Axelent Engineering. We value getting to know you as a customer and the needs you have.

Axelent Engineering

With us you get a head start

For over 40 years, Axelent Engineering has been a reliable partner for smart solutions in machinery and automation. A complete supplier, from design and manufacturing to installation and follow-up. With speed, competence and commitment, we deliver high-quality products that increase the productivity and profitability of our customers.