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Alexander Hjelm

Get to know Alexander Hjelm, machine engineer and project leader

"We have fantastic projects, where we get to help companies into the future that is increasingly required today. This means that the projects are different with constantly new challenges and very exciting to be part of the journey that many companies make. It is extra fun to do these projects here at Axelent with the community and drive that we have"

Återvändare Axelent Engineering

Welcome back to Axelent Engineering!

At Axelent Engineering, we have a wide range of exciting professional roles under one roof. We are especially happy when people who have worked with us before choose to return to us. After the summer of 2022, Christoffer Törnberg (automation engineer), Emil Axelsson (designer) and Rickard Virtanen (CNC operator) came back to Axelent Engineering, which we are very happy about. Welcome back!

Invigning Axelent Engineering

Inaguration of Axelent Engineering

On June 2nd, there was an inauguration of Axelent Engineering's new facilities on Baldersvägen in Gislaved. Invited guests and partners attended along with all the employees of Axelent Engineering.

Superföretag 2022

We are a Superbusiness 2021

A number of high standards must be met to become a Superbusiness. It involves increasing both turnover and profit while demonstrating stability and long-term vision in the business. The criteria must be met for at least four years in a row to be included on the list.