About us Axelent Engineering

For over 40 years, Axelent Engineering has been a reliable partner for smart solutions in machinery and automation. A complete supplier, from design and manufacturing to installation and follow-up.

We have extensive experience in machine manufacturing and automation.

Axelent Engineering is a complete supplier that provides services and products in the entire chain from planning, design and manufacturing to assembly and installation, training, CE marking and follow-up. Our offer includes everything from customized automation and machine solutions to standard machines from partners such as Bihler, Nidec-Minster and Numalliance. Our production facility also manufactures spare parts, prototypes and machine components.

We have a strong service department that offers emergency service and preventive maintenance to increase the availability and service life of the machine investment.

At Axelent Engineering, we are driven by constantly being one step ahead, pushing the development forward and finding smart solutions that make our customers’ everyday lives more productive and ultimately more profitable and competitive.


Axelent Engineering Baldersvägen Gislaved

The history of Axelent Milestones

For over 40 years, Axelent Engineering has been a reliable partner for smart solutions in machinery and automation.
  • Nittorps Mekaniska

    The embryo of Axelent Engineering was formed in the 1950s when Nittorps Mekaniska saw the light of day.

  • Hestra Mekaniska

    In the 1970s, Hestra Mekaniska was founded. The company built specialized machinery for nearby industries.

  • Hestra Automation

    In 2005, the two companies merged when Axelent became the owner and the company was named Hestra Automation.

  • Dassault Systèmes

    The business is evolving, new skills are being added and new offices are being opened to cater a diverse range of industrial customers.

  • Innoqlura AB

    Through the acquisition of Innoqlura AB in Huskvarna in 2013, the range was expanded to include services in product development, project management, industrial design and shape determination.

  • Hillerstorps Specialmaskiner

    In 2017, the expertise was strengthened through the acquisition of Hillerstorp's Specialmaskiner.

  • Dividing into two

    On February 1st 2021, Axelent Engineering AB was split into two companies; Axelent Engineering AB and Axelent Solutions AB.

A reliable partner Smart solutions in machinery and automation

Axelent Engineering offers a wide range of services, from customized solutions and standard machines from well-known partners, to spare parts, prototypes and machine components. Always with good support and service both during and after the purchase. All our activities are based on values that combine high business practice and ethical standards.


We are proud of our partners who are one of the factors that enable us to establish the quality that our customers expect from us. It is important for us that our partners can support us in different parts of our projects with great commitment and high competence.

Vårt erbjudande

Axelent Engineerings Sustainability work

Sustainability, environment, health and safety are an integral part of our business. We take responsibility for our actions and care about our roots and our social environment. For us, ethics and morals are important – simply put, we always expect fair play in any situation.

Axelent Group We are part of Axelent Group

Axelent Group consists of the four companies Axelent, Axelent Engineering, Axelent Solutions and Axelent Wire Tray. The four companies share the vision of making Swedish industry competitive through automation, safety, efficient procedures, function and competence. The parent company Axelent is headquartered in Hillerstorp and has its roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry.


Common to all companies in the Axelent Group is our internal strategy for a shared value base that creates a culture where we all want to live and work. We call it One Axelent. One Axelent is about inclusion and teamwork, between employees but also between our companies, both nationally and globally. As an employee, you are part of the family within the Axelent Group, regardless of which company you work in.

Axelent Group Whistleblower function

You can use our whistleblower function to report suspicions of serious misconduct.