All-Time High for installed robots in 2021

All time high robotar

Report from IFR Record for installed robots for IFR

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) announces a record number of new industrial robots installed worldwide in 2021. The total number of robots in factories worldwide is 517 385, an increase of 31% from the previous year. This sets a new record of around 3.5 million active robots.


The vast majority of new robots were installed in Asia (74%), with China dominating. In Europe, however, the growth has also been significant with an increase of 24% with Germany at the top of the list but also countries like France and Italy have seen a large increase in newly installed robots.

We also have an all-time high for new robot installations in Sweden in 2021

In 2021, robot installations in Sweden increased by 36% to 1803 units. Most robots were installed for handling & machine tending applications 1 126 units (+20%); and welding 233 units; of which arc welding 125 units (+55%).

The number of industrial robots in operation in 2021 in Sweden is estimated at 15,683 units, which is 8% higher than in 2020. The metalworking industry has more than 5440 robots in operation, followed by the automotive industry, with more than 4684 robots. Subcontractors to the automotive industry have 1600 robots in operation. The largest robot applications are Material handling / Machine operation 8455 robots (+11%), Welding 3890 robots (+2%) of which arc welding 1547 robots (+6%).

Sweden is in 6th place globally in terms of robot density in industry in 2021, and Sweden has Europe’s highest robot density in the general manufacturing industry if you exclude vehicle manufacturers.


[source:, SWIRA – Swedish Industrial Robot Association]


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