Axelent Engineering offers prototype development

Jimmy Lund

We at Axelent Engineering offer development of prototypes. It can be prototypes to test and get a feel for new or developed products, but it can also be broken parts from a machine where the customer lacks 3D data. In these cases, we have skilled designers in-house who can draw up a new model.


– Prototypes are very useful for testing and understanding how a product that has been developed will really turn out. Everything from having it tested in the material that the product will be manufactured in, to seeing how different parts fit together and can be fastened together.

There are many aspects to consider during the development of a product, and prototypes are an important foundation. So a large part of our work involves pilot studies of new product developments with several different customers. In this region, there are many companies that are constantly creating new products or developing existing ones. Step by step, we work with the customer to find the best possible solution for their product. The model is then developed and modified in our production,” says Jimmy Lund, Production Manager at Axelent Engineering.


Short delivery times through a reliable local partner


– “In most cases, the customer has a very clear picture of what they want to develop or create, but they may not know in what way. For example whether it should be bent in a special way or how different parts should be attached/assembled in the most efficient way,” explains Jimmy.


By hiring us, you as a customer get a safe, local partner. Unlike hiring someone abroad to produce prototypes, we are competitive by being able to offer significantly better delivery times. It is also much more costly to ship the prototypes from another country. From a sustainability perspective, it is of course also a great advantage to produce prototypes here. The majority of our customers are in our geographical vicinity, which means we can deliver quickly and with personal contact.


– This provides a sense of security for the customer, who often needs the prototype to be produced quickly. We also get to know their business because we may have delivered a machine to them before, or where we already have an established cooperation in other ways,” he says.


– “We have a wide range of machinery that can produce prototypes in many different shapes, sizes and materials. This means that we can design most things based on a 3D model.


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