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In this video, we present an assembly line that we have had the pleasure of delivering to Thule, which will be used to assemble their Fixpoint; a foot for mounting roof racks on the car’s roof. We thank Thule for the great trust they have placed in us.

Thule monteringslina

At Axelent Engineering, we have extensive experience in special machines that we have delivered to a variety of customers over the years since our inception in 1972. Within special machines, solutions can be both complete automation solutions, but also smaller subsystems, where each project is unique and customer-specific. New technology and methods/processes have cross-pollinated through projects and industries, and we always take into account our customer’s circumstances. We have had the pleasure of delivering an assembly line to Thule, which will assemble their Fixpoint; a foot for mounting roof racks onto the car roof.



The assembly line consists of 5 workstations; three robot-equipped “multicubes” for assembling details, a pallet conveyor with about 30 pallets equipped with fixtures on which the foot is built, a “multihandling” for robot handling of large plastic details, and a packing station with box turning and various control functions to ensure product quality.



A total of 10 different parts are handled and assembled into a complete foot, packed in a box that is finally sent to Thule’s customer. The capacity is one complete box with 4 feet in 44 seconds, i.e. 11 seconds per foot.



In the first “multicube”, a sheet metal part is manufactured, and the parts are fed to 2 robots using our “vision feeders”, which together assemble these 3 parts onto the fixture. In the second “multicube”, 2 more parts are fed using our “vision feeders”, these parts are handled and pressed together and placed in the fixture with a robot. Another 3 parts are fed in and assembled using our special equipment and a robot. In the third “multicube”, one of the incoming parts is riveted and checked, and with the help of 2 robots, the 2 large plastic parts are also picked up and assembled onto the fixture, thereby completing the foot, and final marking is also done. 4 feet are placed in the final box, which then goes to the packing station.



In our “multihandler”, a robot picks up the 2 large plastic parts from Thule’s boxes onto our pallets. The pallets are on a track that creates a buffer and supplies the third “multicube” with parts. In the packing station, there is a chain track that transports the final box from the automatic box feeder into “multicube 3” and then to the manual packing station where the box is completed. Then the box is closed and weighed, and when it is approved, the box is sealed and transported further.



Our “multicubes” and “multihandling” are complete standalone units equipped with their own control systems, valve terminals, robot controls, and panels for operators. These units are then connected to form a complete line with an overall control system for optimal safety and availability.



We thank Thule for their trust!

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