Trust and transparency define the partnership between Axelent Engineering and KUKA

KUKA robot

Partnership Get to know KUKA

KUKA is a global automation company with a turnover of around EUR 3.3 billion and around 14,000 employees. As one of the world’s leading providers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers its customers everything they need from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems for the automotive, electronics, metals and plastics, food, e-commerce/retail and medical systems industries.


The company is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. KUKA Nordic has its headquarters in Gothenburg but also has local offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Lithuania.

KUKA självgående truck

System partnerships for automation solutions and profitable flows

Axelent Engineering has been a system partner to KUKA since 2020, but historically has an even longer partnership with what was previously HSM (Hillerstorps Specialmaskiner), which is now part of Axelent Engineering.


In simple terms, the partnership can be explained by the fact that KUKA offers a number of different types of robots that will then perform the automation solutions, while Axelent Engineering creates the actual conditions for these solutions to be implemented in the best possible way to create profitable flows (in terms of efficiency, energy, sustainability as a few examples).


“I would therefore say that the partnership is characterized by transparency, openness and trust. We have a very clear and open relationship which makes it very easy and fun to work together as we are close to each other. We can discuss and exchange all possible questions that come up during the course of the project,” says Lars Cardemar, Sales Manager KUKA Nordic.

Together we creat the best solutions for every customers need

Through a strengthened partnership, we create significant value for our customers in terms of business success. KUKA’s market-leading automation products and services, together with our broad industry experience and expertise in automation applications, allow us to create the ultimate solutions for each individual customer’s needs. Through the partnership, there is also a mutual exchange of new potential projects with customers.

In the movie above, an assembly line is presented that we have had the pleasure of delivering to Thule who will mount their Fixpoint; foot for attaching roof racks to the car’s roof.


“We also have a great focus on offering our system partners training when needed, but also the opportunity to come to us to show robots to customers, for example. We like to meet customers together, so that they feel secure that the entire project is managed by us together, and that we are involved throughout the project cycle. It is a strength and something we feel is very important that we can show our customers” says Lars.

Jesper Bundgaard

Jesper Bundgaard, CEO of Axelent Engineering, gives his view on a long-term collaboration.

“Axelent Engineering has had a very good cooperation with KUKA for many years. KUKA has a broad program when it comes to robots and is one of our most important suppliers. During the past year, we have also been developing cooperation in a couple of AGV projects (autonomous forklifts)”


Do you want to see more of the self-driving truck? Check out this video!