Full speed ahead in the project BraSatt


Now a year has passed with the project BraSatt, which is Södra Skogsägarna’s investment in tomorrow’s reforestation technology, with a focus on increasing plant survival with the help of newly developed technology.


Axelent Engineering is one of several partners in the project, where each of the participants is responsible for different parts of the overall process. A close collaboration between the participants, with clear frameworks and a shared goal, has made the project start to take shape.


At Axelent Engineering, we are responsible for developing and automating the handling of plants from the nursery to the planting point in the most efficient and quality-assured way possible.


An important guiding principle in the development work is the environmental and energy aspects for the long-term sustainability of the planting process.


Virtual simulations and prototyping of sub-processes, which are shared within the project group for further input and discussions, have been a successful way to increase the shared knowledge base.


We at Axelent Engineering are extremely proud to be part of Södra’s BraSatt project and we thank them for their trust!