We are resellers for Bihler

Axelent Engineering is a proud reseller of machines from several different partners and we also represent these brands in Scandinavia. One of the machine dealers we are agents for is Bihler, which is based in Germany. Bihler is a world-leading system supplier for stamping and forming, welding and assembly technology

IOT Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things really?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that allows physical objects to be connected to the internet and communicate with each other without human interaction. This means everything from household appliances to cars and production equipment can be connected to the network and send data in real time. IoT is one of the fastest growing technologies and is expected to have a huge impact on how we live and work in the future.

ABB Engineering

ABB Robotics and Axelent Engineering work together for the best possible automation soloutions

ABB Robotics is one of Axelent Engineering's far-reaching partners and suppliers when it comes to industrial robots. We have met Nicklas Hallan, Partner Manager and Peter Wik, Sales Manager, from ABB Robotics together with Jesper Bundgaard and Karl Liljedahl from Axelent Engineering to look back at what we have done together but also look forward to what trends, visions and challenge we see in the future.

BM Svets

A long-running collaboration with BM Svets

BM Svets is a family-owned company in Gothenburg that sells bolt welding and resistance welding products through technical know-how. BM Svets has cooperated with Axelent and Axelent Engineering for 17 years and has during this time delivered Harms & Wende-welds in all production lines. The welding refers to resistance welding of wire to square profiles, the short side of the profile versus the long side and crosshairs. The technology used is both AC and MFDC.


Axelent Engineering offers prototype development

We at Axelent Engineering offer development of prototypes. It can be prototypes to test and get a feel for new or developed products, but it can also be broken parts from a machine where the customer lacks 3D data. In these cases, we have skilled designers in-house who can draw up a new model.


Möjligheterna i vår tillverkning är många

På Axelent Engineerings tillverkningsavdelning arbetar idag totalt tio personer på plats i Gislaved. Vi tillverkar allt från projektbitar till tillverkning för egna projekt men också för extern tillverkning åt företag som inte har egen tillverkning, till produktion av reservdelar med mera.

Din trygga partner

We are your reliable partner throughout your project

Axelent Engineering is your full-service supplier from design and manufacturing to installation and follow-up. Do you have an overall project you want help with or want to discuss plans or ideas concerning automation, machines, manufacturing or service agreements? Do not hesitate to contact us at Axelent Engineering. We value getting to know you as a customer and the needs you have.


Service and maintenance for an efficient and sustainable industry

It is busy at Axelent Engineering's service department, which today consists of a total of five people (four mechanics and one programmer) who are mostly out on various assignments with customers during their working days. Mattias Melkersson, service manager at Axelent Engineering, sees that the department will have to grow in the future, as the demand for their services is high.

Återvändare Axelent Engineering

Welcome back to Axelent Engineering!

At Axelent Engineering, we have a wide range of exciting professional roles under one roof. We are especially happy when people who have worked with us before choose to return to us. After the summer of 2022, Christoffer Törnberg (automation engineer), Emil Axelsson (designer) and Rickard Virtanen (CNC operator) came back to Axelent Engineering, which we are very happy about. Welcome back!

Maskinflytt Axelent

Relocation of X-line 3 at Axelent

In October, Axelent Engineering carried out a machine relocation for Axelent AB in Hillerstorp. The machine line X-Line 3 was to be moved to another area in the production. In a machine relocation project, Axelent Engineering is involved in the entire journey from planning and execution until the machine is back in production. This machine move took about one week to implement from the start of the work until it was put back into production.


Axelent Engineering sponsors racing talent Eddie Ramirez Eriksson

Axelent Engineering is sponsoring the young racing talent Eddie Ramirez Eriksson, who at the age of 15 has won most of what can be won. Yesterday Eddie participated in a sponsor race, where among others Johan Olsson, automation engineer from Axelent Engineering was competing in gocart. In connection with this, we took the opportunity to do a small interview with the promising talent.