Axelent Engineering offers prototype development

We at Axelent Engineering offer development of prototypes. It can be prototypes to test and get a feel for new or developed products, but it can also be broken parts from a machine where the customer lacks 3D data. In these cases, we have skilled designers in-house who can draw up a new model.


Möjligheterna i vår tillverkning är många

På Axelent Engineerings tillverkningsavdelning arbetar idag totalt tio personer på plats i Gislaved. Vi tillverkar allt från projektbitar till tillverkning för egna projekt men också för extern tillverkning åt företag som inte har egen tillverkning, till produktion av reservdelar med mera.

Din trygga partner

We are your reliable partner throughout your project

Axelent Engineering is your full-service supplier from design and manufacturing to installation and follow-up. Do you have an overall project you want help with or want to discuss plans or ideas concerning automation, machines, manufacturing or service agreements? Do not hesitate to contact us at Axelent Engineering. We value getting to know you as a customer and the needs you have.