Inaguration of Axelent Engineering

New facilities on Baldersvägen in Gislaved Inaguration of Axelent Engineering's new facilities

Invigning Axelent Engineering

On June 2nd, there was an inauguration of Axelent Engineering’s new facilities on Baldersvägen in Gislaved. Invited guests and partners attended along with all the employees of Axelent Engineering.

The guests were given a tour and shown a display of machines exhibited by our partners ABB and KUKA. Afterward, there was a networking lunch during which former sports commentator Staffan Lindeborg held interviews as a moderator. The whole event concluded with an inspiring lecture by Thomas Ravelli.

“We want to thank our construction company Bygga, our customers, suppliers, and our owners who have made this possible. I also want to express a big thank you to all the employees for your great commitment and drive during this process. Without you, it would never have been possible,” says Jesper Bundgaard, CEO of Axelent Engineering.