Get to know our CNC-software developer Isac Ericson

Isac Ericson

We are Axelent Engineering “We have a very good team spirit where everyone helps each other when needed and the willingness to share their knowledge and experiences with each other is great.”

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your educational background.
I am a 20-year-old guy from Gislaved with a great interest in technology. The technology program in high school felt like a natural choice, and production technology seemed like a good fit for someone who likes challenges and problem-solving.


How did your journey at Axelent Engineering begin and what made you apply for a job here?
I applied to Axelent Engineering directly after high school and started working here a month later. When we visited the company with our school earlier in the year, I got the feeling that the profession was interesting and educational. In the midst of the pandemic and all the uncertainty, Axelent Engineering chose to invest in a new employee, which of course felt great.

Tell me a bit about what your job entails.
My main task is to prepare, set up, and operate a Haas lathe with milling capabilities.

What do you find most inspiring about your job?
The most inspiring thing about my job is that every day presents new challenges that lead to constant improvement, and it’s also great to see my colleagues develop. No two days are quite the same.

How would you describe Axelent as a workplace?
Axelent Engineering is a fantastic workplace for those who really want to develop. We have a great team spirit where everyone helps each other when needed, and the willingness to share knowledge and experience with each other is high. By constantly being challenged and having access to the expertise of the staff, it offers the possibility of a phenomenal developmental curve.

Can you describe something you’ve done in your job that you’re particularly proud of or that was especially enjoyable?
Something that makes me very proud is being able to deliver parts quickly in situations where time is short, something that very few companies can handle.

  • City or countryside? – City
  • Summer or winter? – Winter
  • Cook food or eat out? – Eat out