Get to know our software developer, Johan Olsson

Johan Olsson

We are Axelent Engineering Get to know our software developer, Johan Olsson

What does it really mean to be an automation engineer at Axelent Engineering? Get to know Johan Olsson and his exciting role, and how the journey there has been.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself and your educational background.
I am a 27-year-old Swede living in Jönköping. Training, finance, and personal development are close to my heart. I started my professional life as an electrician/service technician and then felt the urge to study further. I studied to become an Automation Engineer and have since supplemented my education with short courses at the university, combined with work, which I am also doing at present.

“"We specialize in innovation and are involved in many projects with large well-known companies in several industries, and having the opportunity to be a part of this is exciting."”

How did your journey at Axelent Engineering begin, and what made you decide to work here?

In mid-December 2020, I started my journey as a Programmer at Axelent Engineering. We specialize in innovation and are involved in many projects with large, well-established companies in various industries that are well-known in their niches, both nationally and globally. The opportunity to be a part of this felt amazing, and the amazing thought became a reality, so to speak.

Can you tell us a bit about what your job role entails?

I work on troubleshooting and optimizing automation solutions, from support to program changes. There’s a lot of coffee with customers, Johan laughs.

What do you find most inspiring about your job?

Being able to control large production lines with text, as well as being a bridge between floor personnel and office personnel when applying different solutions.

How would you describe Axelent as a workplace?

I was lucky to end up in a department with a tight-knit and cohesive group, with a very good boss who really sees and believes in you!

Can you describe something that you have done in your job that you are particularly proud of or that was especially enjoyable?

I optimized the program code for Kaplinan, the heart of Axelent AB’s panel production, resulting in an increase in output of finished cut pipes by nearly 20%. Many cooks had made the process slower and more inefficient over time. Well done, I say!