Service and maintenance for an efficient and sustainable industry

Mattias Melkersson

It is busy at Axelent Engineering’s service department, which today consists of a total of five people (four mechanics and one programmer) who are mostly out on various assignments with customers during their working days. Mattias Melkersson, service manager at Axelent Engineering, sees that the department will have to grow in the future, as the demand for their services is high.


They mainly serve customers in the Småland region but it can sometimes also include customers further away than that, and in some unique cases even customers abroad such as in Germany or Poland. Service can be performed both on machines that Axelent Engineering itself has delivered as well as on completely different machines. The service department also handles various types of spare parts, many of which are parts for Axelent AB, but also for other customers.


– We have a long-term relationship with many of our customers, which means we get to know their business and needs over time. This means the customer can feel secure about the service and maintenance work we perform, for example by customers signing service agreements with us for continuity and planned maintenance efforts, says Mattias.

service verkstad

The future of service and maintenance

Mattias believes the industry in general will need to review and develop its service and maintenance work in the future. For example, by hiring an external partner, you can often streamline the work so that service and maintenance work is only undertaken when there is a need for it, which then also allows you to save on both resources and costs, explains Mattias. If you have a service agreement, you can also feel confident that this is done on a regular basis and with knowledge of the customer in the luggage.


Sustainable machines

Performing maintenance on older machines also ensures a longer service life of the machines, and it can also mean that productivity can be increased, and that they can be operated more energyefficient and climate-smart, which is also something that more and more people have as a requirement nowadays. Everyone is looking at what energy saving opportunities they have due to the high energy costs, and we also want to make a difference where we have the opportunity to do so.


Machine relocation

Axelent Engineering also offer machine relocation, for example when moving to new premises or when restructuring a production. “We have done several machine moves for Axelent’s various companies, but can also provide this to other customers who need it,” says Mattias.

In such machine relocation work, we are involved in the entire journey, from planning to execution and until the machine is returned to production. We want the customer to feel confident that we are with them throughout the project, and that we are available even after a completed project.