Welcome back to Axelent Engineering!

We gladly welcome Emil, Christoffer and Rickard back to us.

At Axelent Engineering, we have a wide range of exciting professional roles under one roof. We are especially happy when people who have worked with us before choose to return to us. After the summer of 2022, Christoffer Törnberg (automation engineer), Emil Axelsson (designer) and Rickard Virtanen (CNC operator) came back to Axelent Engineering, which we are very happy about. Welcome back!

Emil Axelsson

Get to know Emil Axelsson, designer

What does a design engineer do at Axelent Engineering?

– My job here at Axelent Engineering is a machine designer/project manager. I design/construct special machines and manage the projects together with the project team. My main tasks are design, calculation, schedule, component purchase, project meetings and documentation.


What made you decide to come back?

– The reason I came back is the challenges of designing special machines, and that each design is unique.

Christoffer Törnberg

Get to know Christoffer Törnberg, automation engineer

What does an automation engineer do at Axelent Engineering?

– I mainly work with electrical design of the control systems for our machines and programming of both PLC and robots. The work is mainly in project form where you get to participate in creating new machines based on customers’ specific wishes.


Why did you choose to come back?

– I like to develop personally in my work. Axelent Engineering satisfies this through large and advanced machine projects where you can be involved in the entire process. You get to take responsibility and it feels like you have a large and good organization behind you.

Rickard Virtanen

Get to know Rickard Virtanen, CNC-operator

What does a CNC operator do at Axelent Engineering?

– I make parts in all kinds of materials, from large to small parts. The machine I work with can handle 2500 long and 840 wide in the same clamping.


Why did you decide to come back?

– My old boss Jimmy sent me a text message asking if I was interested in coming back, and the next day I signed up. I chose to come back because there are good workmates, varied tasks, a good group of people, with high standards!