A long-running collaboration with BM Svets

BM Svets

BM Svets is a family-owned company in Gothenburg that sells bolt welding and resistance welding products through technical know-how. BM Svets has cooperated with Axelent and Axelent Engineering for 17 years and has during this time delivered Harms & Wende-welds in all production lines. The welding refers to resistance welding of wire to square profiles, the short side of the profile versus the long side and crosshairs. The technology used is both AC and MFDC.


“Being a partner with Axelent and Axelent Engineering for almost 20 years has been characterized by close cooperation through technology development, problem solving and competence transfer in a very positive way,” says Henric Blomberg, BM Svets.

Harms & Wende

A growth journey for Axelent and investment in a new production line


Axelent has currently invested in a new production line that also includes the welding products from BM Svets. This complex and large production line is developed and designed in-house at Axelent Engineering. This line, like the previous production lines, produces and welds mesh panels.


In 2022, Axelent produced about 900,000 panels. To produce them, a bit more than six million meters of pipe and 3.5 million kilograms of wire were used.