Mechanical engineers shapes the industry of the future


Axelent Engineering currently has five designers who design everything from special machines to the development of existing machines and tools. Sometimes a completely new project is designed from scratch and sometimes it is the development of a previous project and design a new better solution for that machine, for example new development of existing solutions. At present, the designers work both in Catia 3Dexperience and in Solidworks, but all new projects are switched to Solidworks. The designers collaborate and bounce a lot of ideas together.

Get to know some of our machine designers and how they see their roles.


“We have fantastic projects where we get to help companies into the future that is increasingly required today. This means the projects are different with constantly new challenges and it is very exciting to be part of the journey that so many companies are making. It is extra fun to do these projects here at Axelent with the community and drive that we have.”

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“The most fun part of my job is being part of the future, working on the constant development of new and existing machines.”

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“You are always happy/proud when a project exceeds the requirements (performance, cost, etc.). A few years ago I designed a machine that exceeded the performance by a lot which made me extra happy/proud.”

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