Punching and bending machine for EWES AB in Bredaryd, Sweden.

This fall we have the pleasure of delivering a GRM-NC machine from Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik to EWES AB. This servo-controlled machine can produce stamped parts, formed parts, wire parts and components with significantly faster productivity and flexibility than traditional mechanical machines.


The machine is produced by Bihler in Germany, where Axelent Engineering has been the distributor for the Nordic market since 2019.

“Our fantastic EWES team is very excited about this investment and feel very confident with the support from Bihler and Axelent Engineering. EWES has a strategic goal to have the most modern fleet of spring and bending/punching machines in Northern Europe and this is an investment in line with that”, says Anton Svensson, CEO of EWES.


“From Axelent Engineering and Bihler’s side, we feel a great pleasure to be able to be part of Ewes’ development and success,” says Mats Göthberg at Axelent Engineering.


The picture was taken when we visited Bihler’s factory in Füssen before the summer. From left: Peter Josefsson EWES, Anton Svensson EWES, Pierre Andersson EWES, Mats Göthberg AXELENT, Rudolf Anzenhofer BIHLER.